Last year I went on a college visit to Iowa State University. The reason I went on it was because I´m in TRIO. I don´t remember a whole lot, but I do remember that there was a lot of walking.

I think one big thing that I remember would be the light museum. It´s  this room where you take off your shoes and there´s a bunch of lights hanging from the ceiling. The way I described it makes it seem stupid, but it´s really not. The lights change color or design, and it´s also really relaxing. The lady said that a lot of people go there to study.

We did the usual stuff like visit the dorms or go to certain buildings. Our guide asked us what jobs we were interested in and took us to certain ones. The guide basically took us to the closet buildings because of our schedule.

One thing I remember is the clock tower. I remember our guide saying that at a certain time, or every hour, it plays a song. I can´t remember which one it was, but I remember her talking about it. You can see it when you go to eat lunch.

Photo by Joe Wolf of Friley Residence Hall
Photo by Joe Wolf of Friley Residence Hall



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